Over the past decade, SHDW has crafted a lasting legacy as one-half of the influential duo SHDW & Obscure Shape. In 2024, he sets forth on a new solo journey with an unwavering and straightforward approach – just him, his music, decks, and a mixer. At the heart of this new phase is SHDW’s label, Mutual Rytm, a driving force in the resurgence of Techno since its 2022 launch. In the upcoming year, fans can expect high-profile releases that will further explore Mutual Rytm’s sonic landscape. Beyond just a label, Mutual Rytm is a platform for innovation and creativity, with SHDW hinting at exciting projects in the works for a diverse range of sonic adventures for the label’s community. SHDW’s no-nonsense approach to his label mirrors his personal taste and emotions. His ever-expanding and carefully selected record collection adds depth to all his DJ sets, with a distinctive signature sound. With almost a decade of touring the world, SHDW navigates both underground venues and massive stages, whether it’s an opening or closing set, effortlessly. His unparalleled energy and passion behind the decks make him a favorite in any setting, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the audience.

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