François X

François X stands as a luminary in the realm of electronic music, a French techno maestro whose influence extends far beyond the turntables. Known for his exhilarating and unpredictable performances, François blends high-velocity techno with all while weaving in an undeniable elegance. His sets are more than just musical experiences; they are visceral journeys that captivate the senses, marked by a physicality and sensuality that leave audiences spellbound. His journey into the techno world began in the underground clubs of Paris, but it was his residency at the legendary Concrete venue that truly marked François X as a force majeure. There, he honed his craft, becoming synonymous with a sound that is both innovative and timeless, and earning him a spot among the most exhilarating DJs of his generation. François X’s talent and unique sound quickly propelled him onto the global stage, with performances at iconic clubs and festivals worldwide, including Berghain in Berlin and festivals such as Exit, Melt, Audioriver, and Nuits Sonores. Each set is a testament to his prowess as a DJ, reaffirming his position at the forefront of the techno scene. The launch of his own label, XXLAB, in late 2021 marked a new chapter in François X’s illustrious career. XXLAB is not merely a label but a creative platform that serves as a conduit for François’s exploration of new territories in sound, nurturing independent-minded artists along the way. The release of «Digital Fever» under XXLAB pushed the limits of genre, blending dark industrial tones with playful melodies and groovy rhythms, heralding a new era of techno. With the 2023 release of «CEO» (Cowboy Executive Officer), François X continues to redefine techno, seamlessly incorporating edgy techno rhythms with the raw energy of modern dance and pop music. François X is not just an artist; he is an inspiration, a visionary who constantly reimagines the possibilities of electronic music. His contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry, inspiring a new generation of artists and fans alike. As he continues to explore, create, and innovate, François X remains at the vanguard of the global music scene, a beacon of change and a symbol of artistic freedom.

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